Before placing your order, please inform a manager if a person in your party has a food allergy.  Please inform a manager at the beginning of your visit and  we will do our very best  to accommodate your dietery needs. Please be aware that all of our locations use ingredients that contain most allergens (peanuts, eggs, fish, shellfish, milk, and wheat).

The nutritional information listed is a compilation of product testing by an independent  testing facility by Broadway Promotions, combined with the nutrient information from Broadway Bar & Grill suppliers.  Broadway Promotions provides nutritional information regarding its menu items that is as complete as possible. However, please note:

  • Test menu items, specials and / or limited time offers may not be included in this list.
  • Special or customized orders will alter the nutritional information
  • From time to time, Broadway Bar & Grill may have to obtain products from substitute suppliers which may alter the nutritional information provided.
  • Menu item ingredients are based upon recipe procedures and portions, but variations may occur based upon ordinary differences inherent in the preparation, local suppliers, and times of the year. Menu items are prepared by hand, so serving sizes can vary.





  Serving Size (g)  Calories (Kcal) Total Fat (g) Sat (g) Trans (g) Sodium (mg) Carbs (g) Fiber (g) Sugar (g) Protein (g)
One Egg     256g 695kcal 19g 11g 0g 630mg 17g 0g 1g 10g
Two Eggs     312g 751kcal 21g 14g 0g 740mg 23g 2g 1g 16g
One egg with meat   330g 904kcal 23g 15g 0g 1079mg 41g 2g 2g 19g
Two eggs with meat   386g 1048kcal 26g 16g 0g 1155mg 44g 3g 3g 21g
Steak and Eggs   478g 1320kcal 84g 30g 6g 2645mg 31g 5g 0g 42g
Mama Dina's   460g 1144kcal 29g 17g 0g 1664mg 53g 3g 2g 34g
  400g 885kcal 36g 8g 0g 1867mg 66g 8g 5g 44g
  440g 1010kcal 40.3g 8g 0g 1702mg 53g 8g 5g 40.7g
  475g 971kcal 42.4g 12.5g 0g 2201mg 68g 8g 7.7g 48.25g
  435g 960kcal 41.5g 8.3g .20g 1921mg 69g 8g 3g 48.7g
Chili   0g 0Kcal 0g 0g 0g 0mg 0g 0g 0g 0g
  400g 925kcal 10g 3g 0g 635mg 21g 2g 0g 14g
  543g 998kcal 37g 3.3g .29g 2478mg 66g 9.4g 5g 69g
  460g 1035kcal 37g 8.3g 0g 2167mg 93g 9g 13g 40g
  500g 1343kcal 80g 25g 0g 1096mg 56g 6g 11g 62g
  500g 1279kcal 60g 33g .05g 988mg 38g 4g 13g 38g
  500g 1437kcal 56g 23g 0g 2108mg 84g 10g 23g 78g
  500g 1695kcal 52g 51g 0g 1710mg 52g 6g 13g 86g
  500g 1627kcal 88g 31g 0g 986mg 58g 5g 13g 56g
  500g 1185kcal 68g 13g 0g 1330mg 50g 6g 11g 40g
Mediterranean   0g 0kcal 0g 0g 0g 0mg 0g 0g 0g 0g
Philly Steak   0g 0kcal 0g 0g 0g 0mg 0g 0g 0g 0g
  500g 1157kcal 40g 7g 0g 394mg 62g 6g 7g 24g
  500g 1263kcal 58g 13g 0g 1726mg 44g 7g 7g 32g
  500g 1405kcal 82g 21g .23g 816mg 76g 8g 19g 42g
Chicken Club
  500g 1335kcal 62g 13g 0g 2660mg 86g 12g 9g 39g
  643g 1329kcal 56.71g 13g 0g 1371mg 51.6g 7.6g 22.5g 49.6g
  400g 445kcal 2g 6g 0g 600mg 51g 5g 9g 15g
  400g 458kcal 2g 0.2 0g 610mg 50g 5g 10g 15g
  400g 485kcal 2g .1g 0g 620mg 47g 5g 9g 14g
Mixed Berry
  400g 455kcal 2g 6g 0g 600mg 51g 5g 9g 15g
Caramel Apple Cinnamon   0g 0kcal 0g 0g 0g 0mg 0g 0g 0g 0g
Chocolate Chip
  400g 918kcal 21g 0g 0g 576mg 52g 0g 62g 11g
French Toast     300g 380kcal 13g 0g 0g 136mg 37g 3g 11g 2g
Belgian Waffle   300g 440kcal 18g 1.5g 0g 950mg 57g 2g 17g 7g
Sinful Waffle     461g 830kcal 36g 7.5g 0g 965mg 113g 7.6g 72.4g 11.1g
Take 1     680g 1539kcal 73g 27g 0g 2885mg 104g 4g 7g 51g
Take 2     650g 1519kcal 65g 25g 0g 2649mg 95g 3g 9g 46g
Take 3     350g 1007kcal 54g 13g 0g 2094mg 48g 6g 2g 49g
Western Wrap   400g 620kcal 32g 10g 0g 900mg 38g 16g 4g 24g
Chili Wrap     420g 710kcal 34g 11g .1g 1210mg 40g 18g 6g 38g
Breakfast Club   497g 1230kcal 50g 13g 0g 2283mg 144g 5g 5.5g 28g
Chicken Sandwich   368g 894kcal 29g 21g 0g 1273mg 11g 1g 6g 39g
Grilled Cheese Sandwich   200g 205kcal 11g 5.6g 0g 520mg 22g 4g 3g 12g
Bacon and Egg Sandwich   200g 299kcal 18g 7g 0g 522mg 17.5g .6g .1g 19g
Western Sandwich   200g 385kcal 22g 9.5g 0g 515mg 39g 2g 3g 16g
B.L.T. Sandwich   200g 472kcal 19g 7g 0g 874mg 55g 3g 11g 19g
Egg and Cheese English Muffin 200g 305kcal 11g 7g 0g 1205mg 38g 2g 5g 21g
Seasonal Fruit Cup   200g 80kcal 0g 0g 0% 30mg 21g 1g 19g 1g
Seasonal Fruit Cup Platter   320g 264kcal 4g 0g 0% 174mg 38g 3g 21g 5g
Pancake     80g 260kcal 1g 2g 0g 880mg 54g 2g 8g 6g
Blueberry Pancake   80g 333kcal 9g 0g 0g 915mg 52g 3g 6g 5g
Banana Pancake   80g 321kcal 8g 0g 0g 900mg 48g 3g 5g 5g
Kid's Breakfast   300g 670kcal 35g 10g 0g 1200mg 45g 2g 1g 18g
French Toast     100g 265kcal 4.3g 0g 0g 450mg 24g 2g 6g 0.14
Kids Waffle     140g 440kcal 10g 1.5g 0g 950mg 57g 2g 17g 7g
Bacon     50g 96kcal 14g 3g 0g 394mg 0g 0g 0g 7g
Sausage     50g 110kcal 9g 3.5g .1g 300mg 3g 0g 0g 4g
Ham     50g 29kcal 2g 0g 0g 286mg 0g 0g 0g 5g
Homefries     100g 143kcal 4g .66g .11g 52.94mg 24g 1.8g .4g 2g
Toast      100g 240kcal 2g 0g 0g 132mg 12g 2g 2g 4g
Rye Toast     32g 80kcal 1g 0g 0g 170mg 15g 2g 1g 3g
English Muffin   60g 150kcal 1g .3g 0g 250mg 27g 1g 8g 4g
Toasted Bagel   120g 270kcal 2g .3g 0g 450mg 52g 2g 9g 0%
Yogurt Parfait   240g 320kcal 4g 0g 0g 110mg 63g 4g 37g 11g
Breakfast Poutine   650g 1554kcal 54g 11g 0g 1554mg 78g 8g 26g 33g



    Serving Size Calories Total Fat Sat  Trans Sodium Carbs Fiber Sugar Protein
      Size (kcal) Fat Fat Fat (mg) (g) (g) (g) (g)
      (g)   (g) (g) (g)          
Nachos     354g 1258kcal 63g 26.4g 6.8g 2538mg 111.6g 0g 0g 32.4g
Starter Nachos     177g 629g 31.5g 13.2g 3.4g 1269mg 558.3g 0g 0g 16.2g
Supreme Nachos Chicken     118g 507kcal 23g 9g .3g 885mg 38.6g .2g 0g 23g
Supreme Nachos Beef     118g 440kcal 21g 8g 1.5g 610mg 31g 4g 2g 19g
Supreme Nachos Chili     118g 412kcal 24g 3g 1g 530mg 27g 4g 5g 17g
Deep Fried Zucchini     280g 606kcal 27g 5.4g 0g 1595mg 72.7g 4g 11.3g 18.1g
Onion Rings     280g 828kcal 45g 21g 0g 1290mg 93.9g 3g 11g 11g
Buffalo Chicken Fingers     165g 380kcal 20g 7g 0g 1410mg 22g 2g 2g 31g
Braodway Special Dip     68g 376kcal 9.8g 4.5g 0g 314mg 3.3g .5g 1g 3.2g
Bacon Cheese Sliders

0g 1020mg 12g 0g 12g 6g
French Fries     368g 732kcal 32g 8g 0g 2240mg 99g 4.8g 1.6g 10.4g
Deep-Fried Pickles

Poutine     368g 740kcal 51g 24g 0g 2465mg 74g 0g 0g 23g



Famous Chili     397g 596kcal 32.4g 1.8g 0g 2696mg 64g 24.5 8g 31.4
Chicken Wings 1 LB     453g 1080kcal 68g 16g .45g 1485mg 54g 4.5g 18g 63g
Chicken Wing 2 LB     906g 2160kcal 136g 32g .90g 2970mg 108g 9g 36g 126g
Calamari     0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Bruschetta     0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Boneless Buffalo Wings     460g 1287kcal 90g 25g 0g 990mg 9g 0g 0g 81g
App Quesadilla     400g 1080kcal 26g 10g 0g 2760mg 80g 6g 8g 56g

Ultimate     400g 215kcal 11g 5g 0g 190mg 1g 4g 1g 3g
Side House      130g 35kcal 0g 0g 0g 5mg 2g 1g 1g 1g
Greek     400g 238kcal 14g 5g 0g 652mg 10g 4g 4g 9g
Side Greek      130g 74kcal 6g 3g 0g 342mg 5g 2g 2g 5g
Caesar      400g 210kcal 16g 3g 0g 266mg 6g 1.5g 0g 5.5g
Side Caesar      130g 96kcal 8g 2g 0g 198mg 4g 1g 0g 4g
Chicken Caesar     400g 721kcal 43g 12g 0g 2052mg 7g 1g 1g 29g
Chicken Fajita      400g 570kcal 34g 9g 0g 1550mg 30g 6g 4g 38g
Beef Fajita     400g 910kcal 31g 31g 0g 2330mg 24g 8g 2g 57g
Walnut     400g 394kcal 8g .9g 0g 253mg 7g 1g 6g 46g
Taco chicken     400g 644kcal 28g 0g 0g 1316mg 42g 9g 0g 30g
Taco Shrimp     400g 773kcal 41g .14g 0g 1630mg 49g 2g 2g 45g
Taco Beef     400g 1047kcal 43g 20g 0g 2256mg 81g 7g 1g 35g
Taco Chili     400g 1907kcal 49g 24g 0g 2085mg 193g 28g 10g 50g
Thai     400g 543kcal 23g 2.5g 0g 858mg 39g 9.5g 17g 34.8g
Hamburger     512g 1202kcal 71g 22g 0g 2359mg 206g 13g 8g 42g
Cheeseburger     512g 1282kcal 93g 29g 0g 2834mg 210g 12g 10g 45g
Chicken Parm Sandwich     512g 1122kcal 68g 21g 0g 1984mg 145g 9g 9.5g 35g

Steak Sandwich     512g 1081kcal 42g 11g 0g 2702mg 136g 7g 2.5g 39g
Club Traditional      512g 1217kcal 42g 13g 0g 2894mg 144g 5g 5.5g 41g
Smoked Meat Sandwich     512g 892kcal 30g 7g 0g 3624mg 122g 8g 3g 32g
Double Smoked Meat Sandwich     512g 1162kcal 34g 7g 0g 3605mg 160g 12g 4g 55g
Smoked Meat Melt     512g 1076kcal 36g 16g 0g 3159mg 139g 7g 7g 43g
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich     512g 1127kcal 33g 10g 0g 2656mg 134g 7g 4g 36g
Souvlaki Chicken     512g 828kcal 33g 9g 0g 2409mg 139g 6.5g 6g 39g
Pulled Pork Sandwich     568g 1855kcal 40g 13g 0g 3105mg 167g 10g 16g 38g
Beef Philly Steak     512g 983kcal 36g 14g 0g 2575mg 176g 9g 3g 58g
Chicken Philly Steak     512g 974kcal 42g 10g 0g 2575mg 120g 7g 3g 38g
Chicken Quesadilla     512g 1162kcal 57g 20g 0g 3284mg 124g 7g 6g 37g
Veggie Quesadilla     512g 1217kcal 42g 7g 0g 2845mg 144g 4g 4g 29g

Beef Fajitas     396g 1092kcal 41g 12g 0g 1976mg 140mg 31g 24g 84g
Chicken Fajitas     396g 1560kcal 41g 8g 0g 1860mg 120mg 28g 16g 112g
Veggie Fajitas     396g 484kcal 32g 12g 0g 1488mg 80mg 22g 20g 24g
Buffalo Chicken Fajitas     396g 872kcal 28g 6g 0g 1544mg 170mg 36g 18g 116g
Broadway Wrap     512g 902kcal 35g 9g 0g 3049mg 118g 7g 7g 37g
Greek Wrap     512g 1143kcal 42g 7g 0g 2964mg 151g 8g 5g 38g
Chicken Wrap     512g 842kcal 38g 10g 0g 2449mg 102g 6g 4g 19g
Buffalo Wrap     512g 927kcal 30g 7.5g 0g 2399mg 127g 7g 7g 27g
Veggie Wrap

Chicken Club Wrap     512g 892kcal 59g 16g 0g 2764mg 135g 7g 5g 52g

Steak Wrap

     0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0


Veggie Lasagna

Spaghetti with Meat Sauce     400g 655kcal 7g 1g 0g 473mg 43g 5.1g 7.4g 15g
Guten Free      0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0
Baked Spaghetti with Cheese     600g 1440kcal 42g 28g 0g 2560mg 176mg 14g 20g 68g
Chicken Parmigiana     600g 1375kcal 24g 26g 0g 2435mg 151mg 13g 16g 62g
Jambalaya     300g 415kcal 11g 6g 0g 1125mg 68g 2g 2g 11g
Veggie Stir Fry     400g 552kcal 10g 4g 0g 952mg 12g 4g 6g 6g
Chicken Stir Fry     400g 610kcal 14g 4g 0g 1220mg 58g 6g 8g 20g
Beef Stir fry     400g 840kcal 24g 10g 0g 1352mg 50g 4g 6g 48g
Pollo Con Queso     400g 790kcal 28g 14g 0g 1950mg 112g 2g 2g 10g
Chicken Brochette     400g 520kcal 26g 0g 0g 134mg 10g 0g 0g 68g

Beer Battered Haddock


    512g 1192kcal 57g 14g 0g 3004mg 142g 8g 2.5g 25g

    400g 894kcal 80g 29g 0g 1654mg 68g 2g 3g 33g
Broadway Special                        
Crispy CHicken                        
Grilled Cheese and Fries     220g 1155kcal 33g 21g 0g 1727mg 104g 4g 3g 24g
Spaghetti & Meat Sauce     220g 460kcal 16g 4g 0g 1150mg 68g 4g 4g 10g
Pogos and Fries     220g 515kcal 27g 6g 0g 1620mg 63g 5g 2g 12g
Chicken Fingers and Fries     220g 500kcal 23g 5g 0g 1580mg 63g 3g 2g 13g
Kraft Dinner and Fries     220g 540kcal 28g 6g .1g 1520mg 81g 3g 7g 12g
Plain Pizza     220g 551kcal 23g 5g 0g 1350mg 71g 3g 2g 17g
MINI CHEESEBURGERS (2)     220g 550kcal 23g 6g 0g 1170mg 66g 3g 7g 22g